"Jiupin" sesame oil, as a large-scaled domestic Korean style pressed sesame oil brand, and with its pure, authentic, concentrated and fragrant nature, has won the favor of consumers. The Company and its products have been designated as the only qualified sesame oil manufacturer in Yantai City and the recommended product by the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Office of Yantai City. The Company was awarded "Shandong Famous Brand" in 2007. The Company takes the quality of products as the life of the company. We sincerely hope that consumers will be able to authenticate and monitor the quality of “Jiupin” product.
Jiupin sesame oil is produced by performing processes of washing, drying, pressing, heat oil, disinfection and filtration on raw sesame seeds by using imported equipment. Compared with the traditional small-grinding process, it is characterized by health, purer and aroma, no moisture, and long shelf life, which is an excellent seasoning essential to family life.
Standard Code: GB8233-2008
Food Hygiene License: Yantai Food Hygiene 97-09
Ingredients: 100% sesame
Process: Pressing
Grade: 1
Shelf Life: 2 years; Storage: cool place; Precipitation: ≤ 2%
Sesame oil, also known as aromatic oil, is not only delicious but also nutritious. Dated back to ancient times, our ancestors have already used it as both food and medicine and applied it to a wide range.
Friend to your Health - Sesame Oil
1, Longevity
Modern scientific research shows that polyunsaturated fatty acids directly influence the development and nutrition supply of human brains, especially in the cases of the elderly and children. In ancient times, there was already a belief that sesame oil could eliminate all kinds of diseases and could help people rejuvenate and live immortally, and the reason lies in the fact that sesame oil contains large amount of fatty acids. In addition, sesame oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidant selenium which can prevent human bodies from producing lipid peroxides. It can also reduce the accumulation of lipofuscin inside the body, and enhance cells’ resistance to harmful substances, thereby playing a role in prolonging life.
2, Cracker of Atherosclerosis
Linoleic acid, sesame acid and other unsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids in sesame oil have significant influence on lipid metabolism. Linoleic acid can be combined with blood cholesterol, lower high-density lipoprotein, and reduce blood cholesterol level; lecithin can promote the biological transformation and metabolism of triglyceride in the liver, and reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the body, thereby reducing blood lipids, improving liver function, preventing and curing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Some medicaments for curing hypertension and coronary heart diseases such as “Yi Shouning” and “Mai Tong” all contain sesame oil extracts.
3, Purge function of sesame oil
"New Materia Medica" says that “sesame oil has the functions of curing hoarse voice and releasing hot and poisonous qi in upper, middle and lower San Jiao, and has good aperient effect. Sesame oil contains a large quantity of vitamins and other dietary fiber substances, which can promote the normal secretion of gastric juice, activate intestinal function, and help prevent constipation. Therefore, combined with pure honey, sesame oil can have good effect on the treatment of constipation. Method: 25 grams of sesame oil, 50 grams of honey, blending the two, and drinking it after having it stewed every morning and evening.
4, Ear and Nose Inflammation and Burns Treatment
 (1) Sesame oil, lightyellow sophora roots, goldthread roots, camphol. Grind lightyellow sophora roots, goldthread roots and camphol, and then put the mixture into sesame oil; stir the mixture until it becomes even. Drop the mixture onto the affected area several times daily. This can cure acute otitis.澳门葡京网址
 (2) Heat sesame oil until it boils; cool it down before bottling it. Use it as nasal drops; first 2-3 drops on each side of the nose, later increase to 5-6 drops; 3 times a day. This can cure simple rhinitis.
 (3) Blend sesame oil and clear lime water; put the mixture on the affected area several times a day; this can treat burns with excellent effect.
5, Disinsectization Effect
 (1) 50 grams of sesame oil, 29 grams of pepper. Boil the sesame oil in pot until it sends out smoke, and then put pepper in the sesame oil. Take it out after it becomes dark. After it cools down, take it with warm water. This can not only relieve the pain, but also eliminate worms.
 (2) 10 onion stalks. Wash, chop, smash and extract juice out of them; put in 2 spoons of sesame oil; drink it while your stomach is empty; twice daily and continue it for three days. This can treat abdominal pain of children due to roundworm.
Characteristics of High-quality Sesame Oil:
1, Color: light red or yellow in red.
2, Water Test: drop a drop of sesame oil in a bowl of clean water. It should spread as a thin and transparent oil flower at first, and then quickly diffuses; in the end the oil separates and gathers into a number of small oil beads.
3, Oil Splash: fill an oil spoon with the oil, and then pour it from a high position into the tank; the splash should be in golden yellow color and disappears quickly.
Characteristics of Poor-quality and Adulterated Sesame Oil:
1, Color: the colors of the adulterated oil are of not the same; for example, if it is mixed with rapeseed oil, the oil appears dark yellow, and if it is mixed with cottonseed oil, the oil looks dark red.
2, Water Test: drop a drop of oil into clear water, and the oil spread should be thick and small and not easy to diffuse.
3, Oil Splash: pour it from a high position into the tank; if the splash is in light yellow color it indicates that it is mixed with rapeseed oil, and if it appears black, it indicates that it is mixed with cottonseed oil, and white means it is mixed with peanut oil. All adulterated oil disappears very slowly when it is poured down from a high position.
4, Heating: if the oil demonstrates white color after being heated, it is mixed with lard; if it produces deposition in the pot after being heated it is mixed with a cottonseed oil; if the oil appears clear after being heated, it is mixed with rapeseed oil.
5, Price Comparison: According to the sesame oil prices and the corresponding rate of conversion, if 500 grams of sesame oil costs less than 15 yuan, there is not doubt that it is not pure oil.
Diversified Family Recipes
1, Sesame Oil and Kidney
Materials: 2 pieces of kidney, 20 pieces of ginger, 50 grams of sesame oil, sugar, wine, soy sauce, a little bit of MSG.
Cooking Process: (1), open the kidney horizontally with knife, and take the internal white stuff out; cut the interior in diamond pattern, and then put it into water and rinse it; dry off all the water.
 (2), heat the sesame oil in a pot until it is 70% cooked; put in the ginger and fry it until it is fragrant, then put in the kidney and fry it quickly with strong fire. Put in the other ingredients and stir it until the kidney is well done. Now you can serve it.新葡萄亰娱乐场
Effect: strengthen yang and nourish kidney.
2, Sesame Oil and White Fungus
Ingredients: 100 grams of white fungus, 100 grams of black fungus, 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 3 grams of sugar, 5 grams of sesame oil.
Cooking Process: remove all the impurities in white and black funguses and then put them into hot water; take them out and then put them into cold water; drain off the water and then put them into a dish; take a bowl and put in salt, MSG, sugar, fragrant sugar and sesame oil and then mix it thoroughly with cold boiled water before pouring the sauce onto the dish.
Effect: nourishing skin.
3, Sesame Oil, Garlic Mixed with Mushrooms js3333.com
Ingredients: 500 grams of fresh mushrooms, 4 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 40 grams of garlic, 10 grams of vinegar, 20 grams of sesame oil.
Cooking Process: chop the mushroom, and then put it into boiling water; take it out of the water after being cooked, and then place it into a bowl; put in the seasoning before serving it.
Effect: skin care.
4, Stewed Mushrooms
Ingredients: 400 grams of black mushrooms, 3 grams of ginger, 30 grams of sugar, 1 gram of MSG, 25 grams of soy sauce, 20 grams of white wine, 300 grams of broth, 50 grams of sesame oil.
Cooking Process: (1) Wash the mushrooms and crushed it with a knife; put it into a bowl and add the broth before putting the bowl into a steam tray to steam it thoroughly.
(2) Place the frying pan on the fire, and add sesame oil and put in the ginger; fry the ginger till it smells fragrant; add the mushroom and stir fry it for a few times, and then pour the juice for steaming the mushroom and soy sauce; put the mixture on strong fire and heat it until the juice is dried off before putting it into a dish and serving it.
Effect: skin care.www7409葡京赌侠
5, Sesame Oil and Fried Seaweed
Ingredients: 200 grams of kelp, 4 grams of salt, 20 grams of sesame oil.
Cooking Process: (1) soak the kelp until it is soft and then wash away the impurities. Add water into the pot and boil it; put the kelp into the pot and have it cooked; take kelps out of the water and wash it with cold water; drain off the water, and cut it into fine slices.
 (2) Pour sesame oil into the pot and boil it until it is 70% done; add the kelp in the pot and stir fry it; cover the pot lid and stew it with slightly; add salt and mix it well; now you can serve on a dish.
6, Using sesame oil instead of peanut oil and rapeseed oil to prepare dumplings and stuffed buns can allow you not only to fully take in the all-mighty nutrition of sesame oil, but also to enjoy more delicious and aromatic dumplings and stuffed buns.


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